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According to our measurements most European publishers lose about 40% of their potential desktop ad-revenue due to ad-blocking (25% regular ad blockers and another 10-15% due to privacy tools). On the other hand even the best publications can’t convince more than 5% of their readers to pay for content. It is time to act!

On top of visual ad-blocking, privacy is becoming a big topic world-wide. Data Protection Agencies are looking into Programmatic Advertising (RTB) in general, the IAB Tech Lab and hundreds of publications for systematic data breaches. But no matter the laws and their interpretation, browser vendors like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Brave are already restricting tracking of user data significantly, circumventing metered paywalls as a side-effect.

contentpass is offering a solution to give consumers the option to browse publisher websites with full privacy and a better reading experience while generating at least 20% more in revenues for publishers.

What's the impact of ad- and privacy-blocking on your site?

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Ad-Blocking is bigger than most would think

10% of users already actively block all tracking (see our study) by using browser extensions like uBlock Origin, Ghostery or Brave Browser. Those “hidden users” neither show up in the usual ad-block analytics nor in common tools like Google Analytics.

contentpass is offering ad-block and privacy analytics for free. Integration is done within minutes, and a few hours later you can see the first results in your dashboard. Of course it’s fully GDPR & CCPA compliant as we only collect statistical data for the sole purpose of generating your ad-block reports. You’ll find in-depth information about the collected information and the ease of integration in our tech guide.

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How much ad-revenue do you lose?

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Any of your reported 100M page impressions could bring you an additional 6K revenue/month.

Page impressions (PI): 100.000.000 x
Average revenue per PI: 0.2c x
Ad-block rate 20% = 4.000€ +
10% “hidden users” = 6.000€ lost revenue

Calculate your potential uplift with contentpass

To get a better estimate of your ad-block and privacy revenue potential, just reach out to install our free analytics solution.

Using contentpass makes your lawyers sleep better and your CFO smile

How everybody wins with GDPR!

What is contentpass?

contentpass offers a cross-publisher subscriptions for an ad- and tracking-free reading experience.

Your readers make the choice whether they want to support your publication by accepting ads and data sharing or rather pay an adequate amount of money to you directly. In either case the publisher's revenues go up.

Readers who choose contentpass sign up for one single paid subscription and contentpass automatically pays all participating content providers the value they would otherwise earn through data-driven advertising. This enables publishers to comply with GDPR all while keeping their revenues up.

Why more privacy increases your bottom line

Only a negligible fraction of users would consent to being tracked if there were no adverse consequences. Forcing users to consent to tracking is not appropriate under GDPR according to the Dutch DPA.

contentpass gives users the choice:
  • Consent to data processing for advertising & disable their ad-blocker
  • Pay to access the website without being tracked and without banner ads

If 5% of your users were willing to pay, that means you could fully monetize 95% of your page impressions with advertising. Like in the times before ad-blocking. contentpass doesn't charge for this part of added revenue.
Our paywall solution can easily be integrated into your existing Consent Management Platform and your Single-Sign-On (SSO). Payment is being handled for all common payment methods.

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